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These are just a few of the major players dedicated to producing
The highest quality water…
The most efficient products…
With the strongest warranty in the industry!



William R. Hague, Founder
“No secret of success is going to work…unless you do.” 

Mr. Hague started in the vacuum business but knows that an ethic that focuses on hard, smart work will get anyone ahead in any field of endeavor.  One day at a tradeshow he ran a booth across from a man selling water treatment equipment, that’s when everything changed.  There is no real secret of success…it just takes good old fashioned hard work.  Risk taking is also a trademark of Mr. Hague.  When his goal was to produce the best water treatment system in the market, he knew he would need to make a heavy investment in engineering – starting from a blank piece of paper.  That takes guts.  But, it also achieved the goal.  WaterMax® represents the best water treatment systems you can buy only because there was an exceptional man behind the machine.




Robert A. Hague, President
“I have never been fired, however I have been sold a lot.”

“Bob” as he is best known, earned his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering at Ohio University.  He has worked for Owens Illinois, Great Northern and Georgia Pacific, managing plants in several locations throughout America.  As a kid, he carried salt and installed equipment, but more recently he has been responsible for manufacturing, shipping and engineering at Hague Quality Water, International.  Now he is the President of the oldest major water treatment manufacturer under continuous management in the US.




Charlie Tackett, National Training Director
“I feel fantastic … but I am getting better all the time.”

Charlie has worked alongside William R. Hague since the beginning.  Since before the beginning, really, as he also was a vacuum cleaner salesman many years ago.  When Mr. Hague entered the water quality business, Charlie followed and has become a Hague icon in sales and service.  Charlie is the first to tell you that helping others is what life is all about.  Of course, his main motto has always been, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” 




Gary Battenberg, National Technical Director
“There’s nothing like applying what you know to improve a customer’s water.”

Whether on road or at the corporate office, Gary’s training meetings are highly valued by all who attend.  However, it was fate that brought Gary to Hague.  Literally.  He had two career options and he flipped a coin to make his decision. Heads:  water.  Tails:  pest control.  All customers are thankful that the coin came up Heads.   Of course we are too.




Patrick Horgan, Dealer Development
“Don’t learn the tricks of the trade.  Learn the trade.”

A former teacher, Patrick found a perfect 2nd career in the water quality business.  “There is a constant need to educate people about water problems – and a constant need for me to learn as well.”  With the idea that the best teachers are also the best students in life, Patrick’s value to dealers and customers alike is his knowledge to come up with the best product for a specific water situation.



Rodger Rhinehart, Chief Engineer
“It is inspiring to know that Hague Quality Water, International is dedicated to strong engineering support.”

When Rodger came to Hague, he brought an experience in plastics that was a good fit with Hague's plans to invest in in-house injection molding operations.  Along with that business experience, he brought a sense of professional leadership, with credentials that include Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees from the University of Richmond.  Rodger realizes that everything and everyone must work together - from concept to execution.  That is the only way to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry like the water business.